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Recent projects

Like much of the banking industry, Tripple Consulting has been heavily involved in regulatory projects in recent months; specifically

  • Sarbanes Oxley; process definition and the establishment of key controls particularly in the area of fraud risk
  • Basel 2; requirements definition for systems to provide the data needed to monitor and model Credit Risk in a Basel 2 compliant way
  • KYC and Money Laundering; the development of systems and business processes to better establish the identity of the bank’s customers

The other key feature of recent work has been bank integration projects; specifically

  • The formulation of a target architecture (business and technical) and migration strategy for a large cross border banks integration
  • A leading role in driving a very large UK bank integration project to a successful conclusion; from initial plan formulation through the entire project life cycle to post implementation knowledge management.

Other projects Tripple Consulting has been involved with include –

  • Euro implementation strategy formulation in Spanish banks
  • IT division productivity studies in Spanish banks
  • IT strategy, architecture and feasibility studies in NatWest bank


Tripple Consulting is built upon the knowledge and experience of 20 years involvement in major IT banking projects. There are many skills that we can provide including –

  • Experience of supporting IT managers to understand and appreciate the business aspects of the bank
  • Lucid explanation of technical issues and jargon to increase knowledge and understanding among non-technical staff
  • The use of multimedia devices to turn complex banking issues into digestable presentations
  • IT strategy formulation and articulation
  • Business case development for IT investments

Feedback / Queries

We would be very happy to discuss how Tripple Consulting might help you and to address any queries you might have.

Robert Tripp: 07968 524 762