Retail CBDC – Don’t do it!

Central Bank Digital Currency may well have a future but not as proposed by the Bank of England – read why here.

Managing Change in Financial Services Risk and Compliance Communities – why is it more difficult?

This short document is intended as a discussion paper – posing the question above, and hypothesis that there are two reasons which do not apply to other communities (they have their own difficulties), and providing some potential solutions.

Update to Banking Technologies and Strategies

In the accompanying article “Banking Operations Strategies and Technologies – 15 Years on” we reviewed how our last guess at how these subjects evolved versus the predictions at the time.  We got enough things right to provoke us into having another go. 

Banking Operations Strategies & Technologies Review

Sixteen years ago HBW wrote a number of articles on strategies for different parts of the Banking Framework.  This article takes a review of what was said in the article Banking Operations Strategies and Technologies and links to an updated view of where the industry is going.

How Are Banks Seriously Going To Address The Rampant Rise In Fraud?

Fraud is rising – could a digital personality be used to make real-time decisions to counter fraud?


In 2018 the UK developed a new way of handling cheques based on cheque image processing.  This change has been called ICS (Image Clearing Systems) and previously FCM (Future Clearing Model).  Whatever it is called, from end 2019 it will be the way cheques are cleared...


This article is an extension of the article (Pre 2019 UK Cheque Clearing Process) which explains how cheque clearing works in the UK from the end of 2019.  It expands to by exploring how small Banks and Building Societies participate in the cheque clearing scheme without being full members, and as a consequence, they have a slightly different process.

Uncovering the mysteries behind the role and functions of Treasury Departments.

The activities of treasury departments are a bit of a mystery to many, but they are vital to large companies and banks. This article explores what they do and how they do it.

Management Drivers in Banking

Management Drivers in Banking

The success of a bank lies in the management and interplay between a number of important banking concepts. This article explores these concepts, which form the key drivers behind decisions made by bank managers and demonstrate their significance to the sustainable long term operation of banks.

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