How Are Banks Seriously Going To Address The Rampant Rise In Fraud?

Fraud is rising – could a digital personality be used to make real-time decisions to counter fraud?


In 2018 the UK developed a new way of handling cheques based on cheque image processing.  This change has been called ICS (Image Clearing Systems) and previously FCM (Future Clearing Model).  Whatever it is called, from end 2019 it will be the way cheques are cleared...


This article is an extension of the article (Pre 2019 UK Cheque Clearing Process) which explains how cheque clearing works in the UK from the end of 2019.  It expands to by exploring how small Banks and Building Societies participate in the cheque clearing scheme without being full members, and as a consequence, they have a slightly different process.

Uncovering the mysteries behind the role and functions of Treasury Departments.

The activities of treasury departments are a bit of a mystery to many, but they are vital to large companies and banks. This article explores what they do and how they do it.

What is a Treasury Managment System?

A breakdown of the typical features found in a treasury management system.

PSD2 and Open Banking – Retailers to win vs Banks!

This article gives a high level forecast of the likely implications of PSD2 and Open Banking on UK Banks. (For an introduction to the API technology underneath these rules click here). Our central forecasts are;
• Credit card monolines and the credit card divisions of banks will suffer income hits as retailers promote lower cost PSD2/ Open Banking payment mechanisms.
• In the three to five year timetable retailers will take market share of consumer lending from banks unless banks act.
Some banks will flourish because they will exploit their knowledge and understanding of API’s to work with retailers and become partners rather than the enemy.

APIs – An introduction for non-technologists

OverviewThink of API’s as;Doorways where what goes in and out of the ‘doorway’ is very, very predictable and widely publicised, andDoorways which are open to anyone with the right key, andWhich come in “pairs” like doors at either end of a windowless...

Blockchain tokens for Gold? – Not yet, maybe never!

There has been much talk about Blockchain as a means to “tokenise” illiquid assets and so make them easier to trade by ordinary people. HBW has researched this idea versus the alternatives using Gold as the asset type to be tokenised. HBW is unconvinced it is viable yet.

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