Banking Framework

To help you find reports and articles easily the Howbankswork team have created the abstract conceptualisation of a Bank’s operations that you see below.

To read more about each operational area, as well as related reports and articles, simply click on the diagram.

Channels Gateways to the Banking Industry Management Information Engines Customer Relationship Management

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  • CHANNELS are the vehicles through which customers can interact with a bank. These channels may be used for either sales or service interactions.
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT – Customers tend to have products and services from multiple product areas across a Bank. It is important to bridge these divisions both from the Bank’s perspective – so that a group wide view of customer risk can be assembled – and from a customer perspective – so that a single customer isn’t faced with myriad service personnel.
  • ENGINES – Banks offer a variety of products each of which requires a combination of back office staff and complex computer systems to set up and maintain. It is these systems, staff and processes that we refer to here as ‘Engines’.
  • MANAGEMENT INFORMATION is all about deriving information from a Bank’s other activities.
  • GATEWAYS TO THE BANKING INDUSTRY – There are a number of services that Bank’s provide co-operatively.