Spreadsheets the new Operational Risk.

This article explains what the risk is and what Banks can do about it.

Latest Bank Fraud Reduced in 2019? – No!!

The latest fraud of choice for criminals is growing fast and sadly the banking industry is going to fail to curb it in 2019. Howbankswork explains why;

No peace for the wicked.

There is no peace for the wicked! Much as big UK banks would like to focus on digital transformation and customers, products and services, the icy hand of past failings will continue to use a large proportion of the IT, Operations and change resources for the next few...

How can Banks make money from GDPR

GDPR is a sprawling regulation and buried within it are three key IT challenges which if approached in the right manner will not only create GDPR compliance, but will also generate value for the bank.

The urgent need for banks to appreciate the value of Management Information Systems

With the Banking sector undergoing major transformations, MIS is more pivotal than ever to use data effectively and improve processes.

CDFIs as an Alternative to Payday Lenders

What will stop CDFIs filling the gap left by the withdrawal of payday lenders?

What is Trading and what is so wrong with it?‏

Governments all over Europe are trying to restrict Banks from Proprietary Trading with legislation. What is this trading thing and why and how did banks get involved in it if it is so bad?

Modelling Decisions and Validating Requirements with Data

Hit regulatory deadlines by modelling decisions and using data to improve requirements .

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