Future of Payments review – Cui Bono?

There is a lot to like in Joe Garner’s Future of Payments Report but one of his top recommendations, namely Open Banking (without some form of Competition and Markets Authority style compulsion) can offer competition to cards for retailers, is too optimistic....

Digital Pound – (still) don’t do it!

The Bank of England is consulting on the design of digital pound but they are asking the wrong question: they should be asking whether the digital pound is the best answer to the challenges that motivate them; - it is not. Executive summary The Bank of England in...

CBDCs and Digital IDs – like love and marriage

They go together.  Central-Bank Digital currencies (CBDC) look to be an inevitability.  Given that, can we at least use the UK government’s new digital identity trust framework to ensure some level of privacy. Premise one – CBDCs are inevitable The Bank for...

Retail CBDC – Don’t do it!

Central Bank Digital Currency may well have a future but not as proposed by the Bank of England – read why here.

Managing Change in Financial Services Risk and Compliance Communities – why is it more difficult?

This short document is intended as a discussion paper – posing the question above, and hypothesis that there are two reasons which do not apply to other communities (they have their own difficulties), and providing some potential solutions.

Update to Banking Technologies and Strategies

In the accompanying article “Banking Operations Strategies and Technologies – 15 Years on” we reviewed how our last guess at how these subjects evolved versus the predictions at the time.  We got enough things right to provoke us into having another go. 

Banking Operations Strategies & Technologies Review

Sixteen years ago HBW wrote a number of articles on strategies for different parts of the Banking Framework.  This article takes a review of what was said in the article Banking Operations Strategies and Technologies and links to an updated view of where the industry is going.

How Are Banks Seriously Going To Address The Rampant Rise In Fraud?

Fraud is rising – could a digital personality be used to make real-time decisions to counter fraud?